idk I. just felt like drawing some soul brigade???? kiru looks damn weird in short hair tho

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only because cross!jane is hot ok

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while the night is still 04/13

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I was expecting to draw sayaka but. it ended up being touko

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I miss one way :(

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I have trancended to the highest heavens of hot male art

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literally the only reason I drew her was because I wanted to color her hair

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redrew some oc paswg stuff I came up with like. more than a year ago because I dont have anything better to do in class lmao

ill probably decide to color this one day

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im on a drawing streak today holy shit

I basically just redrew that photo shown on my ipod there because it. was one of my favorite pieces and now it looks better :3c

gio is izzy’s


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it was SO bound to happen

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