04222014: added a new commission option and changed some of the examples in the color sketches!

NEW OPTION: CEL-SHADE/FULL PAINT! (aka print worthy work lmao)

again, fanart is also included in the sketches option! ocs will ALWAYS be accepted, i would just need a ref with the details explained as best you can! especially in regards to shape, color, size, etc.

nsfw (as defined by me) is basically just nudity or child porn or anything bordering porn (kill la kill is. an exception oops)

chibi styles are as shown in the ad, please be specific in which one you would like!

contact me through my ask/submit/fanmail with questions or commissions! please link to references as well!

if you’ve seen something specific to a piece on my art blog, please link it as well if you would like your commission to be similar to that!

paypal accepted! everything is in USD!

examples used:

full paint: xx | xx | xx

sketches: xx | xx | xx | xx | xx

chibis: xx | xx | xx

tags: commissions info +

drawn on 04072014

idk i just wanted to redraw this one thing i drew like. four years ago and i don’t even remember the date and i actually don’t. wanna search for it in my dA storage lmao

tags: not mine + aaron ciro + one way + xiang hyung shi + hyung shi + kakaori + soul brigade + sketchdump + traditional +

the bae lol

get it cause it sounds like bay in bayonetta— ahhh w/e lol

tags: fanart + traditional + bayonetta + I will never stop drawing my waifu +

idk I. just felt like drawing some soul brigade???? kiru looks damn weird in short hair tho

tags: kakaori + kiru + minamoko + soul brigade + traditional + sketchdump + kaori is on the top there on the left +

only because cross!jane is hot ok

tags: janelle + digital + wat +

while the night is still 04/13

tags: fanart + aradia megido + homestuck + maid of time + digital + how do i even fucking digital art anymore +

I was expecting to draw sayaka but. it ended up being touko

tags: touko fukawa + genocider syo + dangan ronpa + fanart + traditional +

I miss one way :(

tags: not mine + aaron ciro + one way + kakaori + traditional + sketchdump + soul brigade + hyung shi + xiang hyung shi +

I have trancended to the highest heavens of hot male art

tags: pekosexual + not mine + aaron ciro + one way + hyung shi + xiang hyung shi + soul brigade + traditional + wat +

literally the only reason I drew her was because I wanted to color her hair

tags: fanart + ragyo kiryuin + kill la kill + traditional +